Here are some FAQ’s:

  • Can you tell us where you got that wallpaper?

I don’t list sources on my mood boards, after all, that’s what my clients are paying for! I will list sources for designs related to my own home however.

  • Where are you located?
    • I’m based out of Raleigh but can work with anyone and anywhere!
  • How can you help me plan out my room(s)?
    • The process starts with a questionnaire that you fill out, so I can get a better idea of your goals for your space. Together we come up with a plan that fits your space.
  • What scale of work do you do?
    • I can do an entire room design from paint to candles and everything in between or I can just do a room refresh. It’s up to you!
  • How do you charge?
    • There is an initial design fee where you’ll get an initial mood board. The fee includes one modification to the design plan. After that it is billed by the hour. E-mail me for details: kbdesigninterior@gmail.com