Pinstripe Nursery

    Here’s the only before picture I had of this room. It would have helped had I known I was going to blog about my transformations throughout the house. Anyways, I bet by now you can guess what color the walls were before. pink? nope. yellow. must have been a sale on yellow paint 5 years ago. Here’s the before!:



here’s the mood board I made to transform it into our sons room:



And here’s the after! No more yellow! hurray! I chose a masculine blue color that he could grow into and did an accent pinstripe wall that I absolutely love.


img_2195        img_2198        img_2197


So that’s it! I have a feeling that light will be replaced with a fan before the summer comes.

We’re in the south and it’s hot. Sometimes we have to choose function over fashion. yoga pants. am I right?!

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