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Kitchen reveal!

Hey guys! I have a wonderful before and after coming at ya today! This is our very own kitchen. The kitchen had good bones overall, it has custom cabinetry. It just wasn’t our style. We gave this face a face lift for a pretty good price! We didn’t have to rip out any cabinets and new appliances aren’t in the budget. So we put some lipstick on her and I’m very happy with how it turned out! Here’s how it looked when we took ownership:



And here’s our after!



Besides for painting the walls, we obviously painting the cabinets, white for the main ones and navy for the island, new faucet, new bar stools, new awesome concrete pendants (replacing the recessed lights), removed the box ceiling light and replaced it with 2 recessed lights, removed the microwave from above the stove and installed a custom hood, and of course new drawer and door pulls/knobs. phew! Oh yeah, and a new runner to add a splash of color and who am I kidding, hide the food from the kids!

And a good ol side by side just to see how far we’ve come:



who loves the new space?!? Sometimes I forget just how far we’ve come, so it really helps to reflect on these side by sides!

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