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Stunning half bath

Am I allowed to stay stunning based on the sheer excitement that I have for this transformation? It’s our very own half bath in our house. We need to re-do all the bathrooms in the house and we thought, why not start with the one that every visitor uses?!

I know this will come as a huge surprise, but I didn’t stage these before pictures. If you were to come over to my house any given day, this is how it would look.

The plans changed back and forth a lot. We started with a pedestal sink but then realized the flooring doesn’t extend under the current vanity. In order to escape a larger job than this will already be, we decided to stay with the current vanity but to bring out a color of the art that will go above the toilet and use that as an accent for the vanity. I know I know, you’re sad the cabinet above the toilet will be leaving.  I’d lie if I said I was sad too. It’s currently empty so buh bye cabinet. I’m so excited for the transformation as I think it’s going to be a big one!!

Here’s the beaaaautiful plan:



That gorgeous wallpaper is going to go on the entire wall of the vanity and mirror. I’m so excited to do this room and if all goes as plans (because it always does!) we should be in under $700. which is great for one room transformation!! Ok, now wish me luck removing the current wallpaper (that you can’t even see in the pictures) and that cabinet above the toilet!!

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