before and after

Adding style to a blank slate family room, the AFTER!

Hey guys! It’s me again! This week we’re in a fellow blogger’s house! Rachel from Raleigh Tot Spots reached out in need of a family room with some sort of direction, style, and overall feeling of home. Here’s my before post including the plan. BUT just in case you forgot, here’s the before pictures:






We finally landed on a mood board that we both agreed on. There was some going back and forth about the art, but in the end she ended up trusting me. As all good clients do. Joking. Half joking.

Here’s the plan:



Without further ado




So there it is! We created a space that her pets and kids could feel free and comfortable to be themselves in without the fear that they were going to destroy the place. I absolutely love how it turned out. From the outdoor rug we found on a steal of a deal to that tobacco basket that I’ve been wanting in my own house. So, what’s your favorite piece? I know Rachel’s daughter is in love with the art!


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