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Front porch sittin’

Hey guys!

Being in the south, it’s almost mandatory that we have an inviting front porch, you know, to fit the stereotype. I’m ashamed to show you the before but it’s how it was when we bought the house. IT has a sprawling front porch that was intimidating to decorate and furnish. It had a stained concrete floor, dingy ceiling fans and a lot of square footage to cover. It also had a storm door on the front that you can see we removed. I heard the gasp. We removed it because it didn’t serve a purpose for us. It was glass and not screen and we get significant natural light in this house where we could justify taking it off.  I dare say the exterior appeal significantly increased with it’s removal.

Without further ado, here’s the before pictures:



Here’s the plan!



I’m super excited about the plan! It’s almost together! Just waiting for a few more things to come and it’ll be a done. Put a fork in ‘er. We’re holding off for a bit for the house to be painted, so you’ll have to pretend it’s painted for now. This mood board took a lot more time to come together. Turns out, there’s not as many options for outdoor rugs and pillows as indoor. And I have this constant desire for rooms to have a slight “wow” factor while also being timeless. I know those seem to be contradicting words, but I feel like it’s doable. And I hope I’ve done that here! Can’t wait to show you the after!!

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