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Making Lemonade

Now I’m hoping you’re not expecting some artsy “bloggy” (it’s a word) fancy new lemonade recipe. Because I don’t have that. I bet your friend Pinterest does tho. ┬áNo my friend, this is about what you do when a pipe in your bathroom bursts and you’re required to change decorating gears! After I cried a few tears for my client, I was excited to see our brainstorming come to life! This project was on their eventual to-do list but wasn’t planned for right now. But, lets get to the lemonade shall we!

Wait! That’s not the lemonade! Those are the before pictures! You’re like, um this lady doesn’t know what she’s doing, why is she bragging about that bathroom? No no. Here’s the grand ol’ plan!

Are your decorating salivary glands drooling like mine are?!?! I’ll keep you posted for how this turns out, of course!!

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